About Pure & Clear

Ultimately, we believe that purity and serenity come from nature, and we believe that everything that is natural is the most valuable of all. We believe that science and human advancement must serve nature and extract its highest qualities. So at Pure & Clear, we develop natural products according to scientific standards. We take its beauty from its origin, and frame it in a way that does not harm humans in the short or long term.

Pure & Clear puts everything natural into the hands of all women with an authentic Moroccan heritage rich in authentic beauty recipes derived from ancient civilizations. We support natural healing with scientific research and clinical trials that deliver real and effective results.

We are a brand that believes that honesty and trustworthiness are the only paths that lead to success. We are always ready to make more effort, spend more time, and pay more money: To offer you cosmetic products and tools that provide you with the most effective results.

For our natural oils, we place great emphasis on the extraction process as it is a determining factor in the quality of the oil. All of our face and body oils are extracted using the “cold-press” method, and we completely avoid exposure to high temperatures and the use of hexane or any other solvents. We guarantee there is no chemical processing, refining, deodorization, or color removal to keep the oil pristine. Its most natural form. We guarantee no material additives, solvents, chemicals or preservatives in any oil products.

About brand: Pure & Clear

Our visual brand is based on white and green. The two colors evoke comfort, calmness and stability, as they are inspired by nature and purity. At Pure and Clear, we are also distinguished by how the product is presented. In addition, we also care about packaging. Therefore, we are eager to offer you products in bottles that preserve the quality of the oils and prevent the leakage of ultraviolet radiation while paying attention to the aesthetic aspect.

As far as the packaging is concerned, we made sure it was in the hands of Moroccan traditional industry. This is because we are proud of Moroccan products and we are keen to export their beauty to all parts of the world. We are very keen on respecting the environment and recycling as much as possible. We engage in sustainable agriculture and fair trade. We encourage traditional craftsmen to innovate and promote Moroccan products

About our name: Pure & Clear

Our brand name is inspired by our philosophy. We look for everything that is pure and pure wherever it is. This includes local oils with a global reputation, such as Moroccan prickly pear seed oil, which is comparable to all international preparations in fighting the signs of aging. We also look for argan oil that needs no definition and other original oils with high aesthetic benefits.

We, Pure & Clear, are proud to be the first Moroccan and Arab brand to create its own cups with the finest types of medical silicone, enhancing the power of cosmetic cupping, and researching the correct scientific methods to practice it and benefit from its cosmetic and therapeutic benefits simultaneously.

An innovative brand based on natural materials and ancient beauty techniques to provide you with the latest cosmetic tools for effective results

When you adopt your Pure & Clear skin care routine, you are investing in the health of your skin. In addition, you are investing in products that are made with a sense of responsibility for your health and the planet.

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Pure & Clear is always available to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us. The Pure & Clear communication center is available daily from 9 am to 6 pm. You can reach us by phone or contact us through the WhatsApp application.

Phone number: +212 664902434